Shocking moment vegan mob swarms lorry screaming ‘shame’ as driver crushes bike in escape

A MOB of vegan protestors swarmed a lorry transporting livestock and hurled abuse at the driver after he almost crushed one of the activists in an attempt to escape.

The animal rights activists yelled “Shame!” as the lorry left Ramsgate port in Kent at 6.45am. The activists attempted to stage a sit-in on a roundabout as the sheep lorry approached. A video documenting the chaos shows a cyclist pulling in front of the vehicle on Nethercourt Roundabout causing it to clip the back end of the bike, before the rider leaps to safety and the bicycle is crushed.

Screaming protesters then swarm the vehicle forcing it to come to a standstill, before pointing and chanting “shame” in unison.

Vegan activist Claire Folan, 34, filmed the angry scenes towards what is believed to be an Onderwater Agneaux driver and blasted Kent Police for not protecting protesters.

The mother-of-two from Thanet, Kent, said: “The disregard for life extends to humans too with these ruthless exporters.

“The cyclist was very shaken and upset but doesn’t have any physical injuries but were very upset.

“Many social justice protests might at the time seem ludicrous.

“People have thrown themselves in front of horses but now we’re really thankful that happened because we now have the rights we have today because someone committed that ludicrous act.

“The driver was potentially in a blind spot. The cyclist was in the approach and was ahead of the lorry so had the right of way.

“Every single time drivers approach that roundabout they will do it in a really reckless and fast manner. Unless you’re there I don’t think you can grasp how fast and terrifying it is when they approach.

“Yes that person [the cyclist] did do something absolutely outrageous but at the same time lots of direct action has to happen for things to change.”

Ms Folan has slammed Kent Police’s actions and claimed they weren’t protecting protesters – instead merely escorting the lorry away from the port.

She said: “I’ve been going to these for 18 months and you can hear everyone screaming when it happened.

“I’ve almost gone under a truck myself, now I don’t stand out in front of the trucks as it’s scary and dangerous.

“The police have the opportunity of slowing them down and escorting them to the sit-down protest but they don’t.

“They have no intention of protecting us and facilitating peaceful protest – they’re facilitating the shipment.

“Obviously it was way out of hand today.’

She said: “I hope to capture footage to make legislative change.

“Some who attend protests are wanting to raise welfare standards for the animals but many, including myself, are for complete cessation of the export because there is no welfare in them.

“We expect complete animal liberation and no exploitation whatsoever which is what this is.

“Due to an upcoming festival it’s peak time for these exports as animal bodies are in high demand at this time of year.

“Some people are compelled from seeing animals in such distress to question the choices they make as consumers knowing they are a part of this – it’s heart wrenching.’

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police will respond to protest to prevent crime and disorder and allow businesses to go about their lawful trade.

“Officers seek to strike a balance between the rights of protesters and the rights of the lawful commercial trade.

“On Thursday 1 August it was reported that a collision involving a bicycle and a lorry occurred at the port of Ramsgate at about 6.45am.

“No serious injuries were reported and officers are investigating the circumstances. Officers respond to every incident appropriately and proportionately to ensure public safety.”

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