Q: I have activated my account, am I now able to start working for LGV Drivers?

A: No. You need to fully complete our registration process, first you must pass our Drivers Pre Application Test by answering 50 multiple choice questions on topics such as legislation and geographic knowledge within 30 minutes. The minimum pass score is 75%.


Q: I have completed the Drivers Application Test but I have failed. Can I redo the test until I pass?

A: Yes you can, but at LGV Drivers, our drivers are recognised by their Professionalism and Knowledge of the industry, in which case we would recommend that if you have failed the “industry specific” test then you may benefit from further training in order for you to be of the required standard


Q: I have completed and passed the test. Have I now finished the process?

A: Not quite. You will need to complete our Application Form.


Q: I have completed the Application Form but my licences and other documents have not been checked, am I now fully registered for work?

A: Certainly not. Once you have successfully completed our application process you will receive a a telephone call from your local LGV Drivers team. They will arrange an appointment to verify your licences and other registration documents.


Q: OK I have done the test, the Application Form and have met with a consultant from LGV Drivers, who has taken copies of all necessary documents but I have not received any timesheets. How do I submit timesheets so I can get paid?

A: You will see within your personal account that we have timesheets online in order to speed up the process. All you need to do is remember to fill it in online weekly before 10:00 on the Monday following the week worked.

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